What utensils are best for camping.

camping utensils

What should be camping utensils.

Today, an increasing number of people, tired of city noise, seeks to relax in nature. True, for such a trip it is necessary to carefully prepare, select the necessary equipment. Naturally, utensils for camping or a picnic is of great importance, because the comfort and convenience of the whole vacation depends on its choice.

It is undesirable to take with you the same cups, spoons, and plates that people is used to using at home. Such products weigh a lot and are very fragile, so there is little chance that they will reach the destination intact. Additionally, they are quite dimensional, and it is unrealistic to convey them on their shoulders, and in a car they will occupy almost the entire place. For these purposes, there is a special dishware that has all the necessary qualities:

  • ease.
  • strength.
  • compactness.

Products should weigh little, Because, in such a situation, every gram is important. Compactness is achieved because all items included in the set are inserted into each other. Such a “doll system” saves a lot of spaces. Bowlers today most often have not a round, but a flat bottom. This gives them stability, in addition, it allows you to cook food not only on the fire, but also on the burner. Forks and spoons are usually paired or folding.

Another distinctive feature of tourist dishes is versatility. For example, a pot can be used not only as a pot, but also as a frying pan, teapot, and even a plate. Of course, some serious requirements are not imposed on products for camping and picnics as on camping utensils. But, it is desirable that they comply with the listed conditions.

Production material.

Sets and individual items of camping utensils come in two varieties: metal and plastic. Disposable plastic plates and mugs are better not to use as they are very fragile, besides it is impossible to eat hot food without risk of scalding. Moreover, such things pollute the surrounding nature.

True, today there is a durable plastic, the products of which can be used repeatedly. However, they are short-lived, as dirt is clogged into scratches and crevices, and objects no longer meet hygiene requirements.

Stainless steel is recognized as the ideal material — the dishes are distinguished by their attractive appearance, convenience and durability. With it, you can cook at the stake.

Good camping utensils can save space in a backpack or car. In addition, it is not difficult to carry it, since it is made of very light alloys.