Characteristics and Features of the Choice of Camping Dishes

In any trip or on a picnic, food plays an important role, so, you need to think about the right choice of dishes, which you need to take with you. On the shelves of stores such a product is presented in a wide assortment, but you must have an idea of all the pros, and cons of products of various kinds. In our article we will analyze the main features of dishes for traveling.

Kit or apart?

Utensils can be purchased as a single set, or separately, depending on the needs of tourists. As for the kits, their choice is quite diverse, the products are suitable for camping and for light hiking. Some sets differ in many dishes, including not only pots in which food is prepared, but also mugs, cups, knives, spoons. Sometimes even a dishwashing sponge is included. This is especially convenient for beginners, who occasionally go out into the country with a tent and do not know the basic hiking nuances.

Large ready-made kits have such an indisputable advantage as compactness. Items are stacked one into another, thus saving the place and time of collecting all the elements. There are even sets that are assembled on the principle of nesting dolls.

However, the separate purchase of dishes also has its advantages, for example, the ability to collect exactly those items that are necessary in a particular case. However, if you decide to go on a trip with a backpack, you need to consider that such a choice can result in the requirement of a significant place for dishes. And also, it is impossible not to take into account the fact that a tourist can simply forget something, therefore, in certain situations, the necessary item will not be at hand.

What influences the choice?

There are several factors that you need to pay attention to when choosing dishes for travel. First of all, you need to focus on the number of people who go on a camping or camping trip. This indicator affects the quantity and volume of dishes that you need to take with you. There are some rules, for example, the main pot should be taken so that for each person there are 500 milliliters of hot food.

It is best to pack the rest of the dishes and other necessary components, for example, such as a burner or gas, into it.

And you also need to think through the menu in advance. After all, depending on it, specific household items will be needed. You can boil water in a simple metal pan with thin walls. If you plan to cook omelette, stews, and other, more serious dishes, you will need products that have a non-stick coating. In this case, the walls will warm the same way, which will affect the quality of the food.

It is the planned menu that affects the number of dishes that will require. Indeed, if most of the diets are instant products, you will need a small container which is only enough for boiling water, but complex dishes require the use of not only basic cooking utensils, but also other devices where you can mix the products.

It is impossible not to pay due attention to weight. This indicator is especially important when it comes to hiking, because heavy equipment significantly increases the weight of the backpack that you have to carry on your shoulders. In this case, the tourist should bet on the ease of objects.

Of course, price also plays an important role. However, one should not forget that cheap — far from always means high-quality, therefore items such as cost, durability, weight, convenience are taken into account. Today, the range of camping is quite diverse, as is the price. That is why, focusing on these factors, it will be easy to choose something that suits the tourist on all counts.

If tourism occupies a significant place in a person’s life, one should take into account such factors as the durability of the use of dishes. This is quite an important point, since the frequent purchase of the same things, which often become unusable after one or two uses, causes a significant blow to the budget. In addition, it is very important to choose the right material from which travel utensils will be made. For the most part, the quality that was mentioned above depends on this. Let us consider this question in more detail.


Consider the main list of materials from which tourist dishes are made. Each of them have its pros and cons.


Such dishes have a reasonable price, and low weight. And also, it has excellent thermal conductivity, which affects the reduction of fuel consumption. Cooking in it is easy and convenient because the heat dissipates well on the walls, which protects the dish from burning.

However, with all the advantages, there are some disadvantages. Such objects are sensitive to external influences, they are easy to deform or scratch. As a result of contact with some products, an oxide film forms, which remains on the walls.

It was this feature that led tourists to use dishes made of anodized aluminum.

Anodized aluminum.

This cookware is much stronger compared to just aluminum. It is not subject to oxidation and is less scratched. However, no serious effort is required to crush it. In addition, the coating requires accuracy in contact with it. The coating is easily damaged if you scrape away burnt products with metal elements.

Stainless steel.

Compared to aluminum, stainless steel utensils are much more durable, therefore they can last much longer. It does not require careful care, it is not afraid of scratches. And it’s burnt bottom is easy to clean with ordinary sand.

However, among the minuses, a higher price can be noted than in previous cases. Also, the dishes have a much more significant weight. When traveling, you will need to take care of the fuel, since stainless steel does not conduct heat very well. This factor also contributes to the burning of food.


This material for the manufacture of camping dishes is considered as the most durable. At the same time, the weight of the products is minimal, which, of course, influenced their exceptional popularity, especially among such groups of tourists as climbers and hikers, for whom weight is an important factor. The advantage of titanium is also that it is not afraid of scratches, corrosion and deformation. The walls of the products are very thin, and this directly affects the heating rate. Such dishes are very economical and do not require large fuel consumption.

Among the shortcomings can be noted the high cost. Thermal conductivity is low, which means that food burning should be closely monitored.

Therefore, for the preparation of complex dishes such dishes will not work, it is better to use products from other materials.

Silicone and plastic.

These dishes are the cheapest compared to other types. It’s easy enough to look after her. Some items can be folded, which can save space. Also, such products are presented in a wide variety of colors and shape.

Plastic dishes have a wide scope. From it are made containers for storing food, bottles, a variety of cutlery. However, plastic does not tolerate high temperatures. Cooking on the burner is excluded. In addition, you should take care of the factor that this material not only absorbs odors, but also retains them for a long time. Washing off fat is a rather tedious task.

Cast iron.

Cast iron cookware is best suited to cook food on a fire or charcoal. However, it has a very large weight, so, it is unrealistic to use cast iron products while hiking, for this reason.

Non-stick coating.

For many, the presence of non-stick coating is a significant factor in the choice of dishes. It is used in the manufacture of dishes made of metal — most often aluminum.

When opting for non-stick cookware, the moment influences that it is easiest to cook a part of the dishes in it. Additionally, there are no problems with washing. However, it must be borne in mind that such a coating is quite gentle, so, it is easily scratched upon contact with metal. This directly affects the durability of use because accuracy is not always possible when hiking.

Subtleties and nuances.

It should be noted that dishes for the campfire should not end with a choice in preparation for a trip to nature or travel. Other items of dishes will be required. Consider the main ones.

When cooking, the lid plays an important role. It does not come in direct contact with fire, but affects the speed of cooking. Lids that come in sets can be universal, used for various containers, or individual. Some of them have additional functions, for example, an opening for draining water, as well as the possibility of using it as a frying pan or bowl.

An important element of camping dishes is handles. After all, when cooking them easily burned, and also not too high-quality design easily breaks. Handles can be removed or reliably fixed on an object. Removable can be used with several containers at once.

Dishes having folding handles are popular with travelers. Such products are convenient, compact, the elements heat less when laid out.

In addition, you cannot ignore the cutlery. In the conditions of camping or car travel, they can be ordinary, but there are difficulties in hiking with this item. Most often, tourists take with them only spoons or folding structures, including a spoon, fork and knife. Here you need to focus on your own needs, and preferences.

If an extensive menu is supposed to be in the campaign, dishes for preparing complex dishes can be selected individually. On the shelves of shops for tourists you can find a variety of kitchens utensils, for example, corollas, shoulder blades, cutting boards, and much more. They are made in a light version.