20 camping tips


Camping is not for you to drop everything and go to nature. This is a great ritual, and it is useful for an uninitiated beginner to know some things. Although there are always a lot to learn for experienced nature lovers. Here are some practical tips for camping, shake it off and not to say later that you didn’t know.

1. Enjoy privacy

The world is like a big family sharing the apartment of a deceased grandmother. Everywhere squabbles, scandals, claims. Somewhere war, and somewhere love. Careerists spend their strength and health on building a ghost sand castles, a simple plumber argues with a TV, and they discuss something, wash everybody’s bones, thinking that they know absolutely everything: who is right, who is to blame, who is divorced, what about whom said disgusting. But they do not know one thing: how good it is for you, having secluded yourself, sitting in a tent, like a monk in your cell, to enjoy the majestic beauty of mother nature and your own perfection, forgetting about the bustle of the big world.

2. Urine is not intended for extinguishing a fire.

No need to write to the fire without the need, unless, of course, you are hiding from someone. To describe the aroma of burnt urine is quite difficult, just believe me, it is very extravagant.

3. Forget about the smartphone.

You go to the campsite to enjoy nature, and not stick on the phone. Your mobile phone will lose its strength surrounded by centuries-old pines and wild animals, and this is very good. At least somewhere you will distract at least a little from your toy.

4. Replaceable socks will not hurt.

Never underestimate the value of clean, dry socks. If you are going to camp for a couple of days, take To pair of socks with you.

5. Protect food from attacks by forest animals.

Hide food more modestly, otherwise forest creatures instantly devastate strategic reserves.

6. No need to make a demonic fire.

How much has been said on the topic of the need to protect the forest. And in the end, the firewood is not endless. You need just enough to cook food or keep warm. And to arrange huge bonfires is the work of the holy Inquisition.
By the way, do not forget the golden rule of the first-class firewood collector: the best time to collect brushwood is 45 minutes before sunset, when the scorching June sun hides for a quarter behind the 8th largest hill, and a slanting beam indicates the direction to the north-south. Joke. In fact, just collect them in the daytime to avoid various troubles. Do not be greedy, it is not difficult to predict how many pieces of wood come in handy.

7. Do not be alarmed by strange odors.

Bonfire will smell everything — from hair to underwear. By the way, someone likes this smell — the aroma of unity with nature, adventure, camping.

8. Tarpaulin and rope are your best friends.

From the rope and tarpaulin, you can make an endless amount of useful things in the campaign. If you want, make a canopy to protect yourself from the scorching sun and cold rains. If you want, use it as a cover to protect food and things from unpleasant contact with moisture. You can just cover yourself with it — no matter what you do, most importantly, do not forget to put it in your hiking backpack.

9. Do not save on water.

If you went camping for a long Three days, then feel free to take along a gallon of water per person (about Four liters). If the trip does not without alcoholic excesses, then keep in mind that waking up in the morning you really want to drink. And water is useful for basic hygiene and cooking, so do not rush to drink it. Therefore, if dehydration and other nuances are not excluded from your show program, you should take more. There are other ways: to buy a purifier to turn water from streams into a safe swill, or not to go far from civilization so that without any problems at any time go down to the village stall for liquid.

10. Make yourself fun.

If you go seriously and for a long time, then be prepared for the fact that most of the time you will have to look for something to do and fight boredom. Even in a fun company, the “hour of truth” sets in, when all entertainment like cards and playing games in the city are bored. Therefore, it is strictly necessary to consider an action plan.

11. Choosing a place for a tent is a delicate matter.

The main thing is to choose a place so that in the morning you do not wake up from a terrible back pain on a blown mattress, pulling ants out of ears and other holes. Therefore, it is better to spend time searching for the most kosher place than to suffer later.

12. Fight mosquitoes with all possible means.

In order not to become a victim of mosquitoes, you urgently need to pour on yourself an aerosol spray can. If you prefer other, revolutionary methods of fighting mosquitoes and not to like to water yourself with all kinds of chemicals, you will need a good, reliable fumigator that repels all blood-sucking stuff. Forest mosquitoes are even more ferocious than domestic ones. So do not ignore the remedies.

13. Take a folding chair.

About 80% of the time, people resting in nature sit doing nothing. So choose a comfortable folding chair. You definitely won’t regret it.

14. Choose a tent wisely.

Choose tents that are

  • easy to install, without spending hours on endlessly driving pegs.
  • protect from encroachment by wild animals.
  • do not take up much space in peacetime.

If you go camping with friends, take tents for several places, a 4-person tent is an excellent option. Well, if you went to comprehend harmony with nature alone, you don’t need a big tent.

15. Camping without a car is not camping.

Camping means a car. Ideally, at the word camping, we are presented with a mobile home, with its own toilet, TV, and small kitchenette. But in our country this is somehow not common, and even simplified copies of the benefits of civilization make it difficult to enjoy nature. We are more familiar with a tent, a bonfire and a “bend of a yellow guitar” at sunset in the company of loved ones. Therefore, any car that has accommodated supplies, tents, and friends that brought you to your destination, on whose radiator you cooked sausages in the morning, with your headlights you lit night gatherings, and from which you pulled tarps to the tent to make a canopy, can be considered camping machine.

16. Weekday camping is even better than a weekend.

On weekdays, nature lovers in campgrounds are much less. There are no screaming children, loud people barking animals. This is bliss! From afar, I hear the echoes of a green-eyed taxi with a guitar, and your soul has never been so good.

17. Backpack is not a toy, but a friend of a tourist.

You need to pack your backpack according to your needs. In a campaign, it is primarily a tool and carries a number of functions, unlike most of the time, when it serves as an addition to the trunk of a car. First of all, the backpack should be functional, and only then beautiful.

18. Do not forget about the ax.

This is an ax for hipsters — a symbol of male brutality, a lumberjack tool. Therefore, they love to be photographed with him. And in the campaign, an ax is a necessary tool with which you can drive tent pegs, chop wood and in general, do anything you want.

19. Simple and comfortable clothes and shoes.

Camping is not a place where you can “show yourself and see people.” Clothing should be comfortable in the first place. If you will walk through the thickets, choose trousers instead of shorts, and a shirt with a long sleeve. Nettle in some thickets are gigantic, and other vegetation scratches and annoys. Shoes should also be closed and well-soled.

20. Have fun doing nothing.

Our every day begins with some plans and goal setting, be it work, or other matters. In the morning you think about what you have to do, who to call, what to pay for, and so on. You do something all the time and are busy with something. This is a habit. But, going to the campsite, you must get out of your head all this routine importance. As the saying goes, “be here and now.” Enjoy the fresh air, birdsong, and starry sky.